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Welcome to Atlassian FishEye .

To report a bug or suggest a feature please raise an issue in our public JIRA.

If you use IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse check out the new (and free) IDE Connector. Right click access to FishEye, full Crucible review support, plus Bamboo builds and JIRA issues inside your IDE.

You are running FishEye without Crucible. Crucible is Atlassian's tool for simple lightweight code reviews. It is easy to upgrade to Crucible — why not download it today.

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You are running FishEye 1.6.5.a (build-356 2008-12-24)

If you are experiencing any issues, please contact your administrator. You may also want to browse the documentation or search the support forums. Still stuck? You can start a support ticket at or raise a bug or feature request at

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